Schools of Choice Enrollment

School of Choice Enrollment Information

Non-district families can join D7 through our School of Choice enrollment period. 

For the 2018-19 school year, SOC application dates are as follows: 

   Grade                      Enrollment Openings   Application Period 
                                                                    Kindergarten- 8th grade      Limited enrollment      8/13/2018 to 9/7/2018
   9th through 12th grades   Unlimited     4/16/2018 to 9/7/2018

District No. 7 requires applicants to complete the following forms below. 


School of Choice enrollment period has ended for the fall semember. Please check back in January for enrollment in the Spring semester.



You cannot proceed until you receive a letter of acceptance from the Board of Education in your personal email.



Once you've received an acceptance letter please complete the pre-enrollment.


Step 4

Please bring the signed forms from the pre-enrollment along with documents listed below to the Board of Education, 20629 Annapolis, to complete the enrollment process.

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Complete immunization records
  • Name and address of last school attended
  • Proof of Custody (Divorce or Guardianship)
  • IEP Paperwork if your child receives special education services

It is the policy of the Dearborn Heights  School District 7 that no discriminatory practices based on sex, race, religion, color, national origin, disability, height, weight, or any other status covered by federal, state or local law be allowed in providing instructional opportunities, programs, services, job placement assistance, employment or in policies governing student conduct and attendance.  Any person suspecting a discriminatory practice should contact the Dearborn Heights District 7 Special Education Director, 20629 Annapolis, Dearborn Heights, MI  48125 or call 313-203-3176