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Food Service

Sodexo School Services leads the nation in providing food and facilities managementsolutions that support the educational process. From nutrition education to monitoring air quality, our efforts enable students and faculty to consistently perform at a high level.

Every day, Sodexo serves the needs of more than 400 school districts. Our expertise allows school administrators to focus on education leadership activities. Best of all, our partnering approach always saves money.

Our programs have been tested and the results are conclusive: Sodexo’s food service and facilities management solutions improve the quality of life for students, facutly and the communities we serve



Food Services at Dearborn Heights No. 7 
(Click on the above link to enter the Sodexo D7 website. To view menus, follow the Menu link on the left)


Lunch Assistance

Financial times are strained here in the Metro Detroit area, and families may need help from time to time. At the beginning of every school year, District 7 sends home information packets with each student. Inside that packet is an application for Free & Reduced Lunch support. We ask that all D7 families complete the form and send it back to school with their children. Many time families opt not to complete the form because they think they will not qualify. The guidelines have greatly changed making it easier for families to participate.

We respect students' privacy and all D7 students use their student ID number when going through our lunch lines. No student is identified as receiving a free or reduced price lunch. We hope this eases any concerns for using this program.

This is a Federally funded program and the District qualifies for funding when our Free & Reduced Lunch enrollment increases. We encouraged families to take advantage of the support it provides. If you would like you can print the application or If you would like more information of the program ,also see our FAQ. If you need further assistance please contact our Foods Services Department at 313-203-3196 or Cindy Cook

Online Payments to Food Service Accounts

Dearborn Heights School District #7 is pleased to bring you the online convenience of our new payment processing system, PaySchools.  This program allows you to make school-related payments online via e-check or credit card at your convenience all from our school’s Web site. Please visit out online payment page for more information and directions on how to deposit funds into your child's account.